I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, although he did not ejaculate inside me I took the Morning afterpill just in case About a week later I got my period which was earlier than usual; I have a calendar were I keep track of my period and it helps me calculate the days I may be fertile, I know its an approximation and its not exact but it said that right after my period ended I was already fertile again. I had learned in highschool that after you get your period the next 2 to 3 days you arent so My question is If after taking the morning after pill and then having your period are you fertile literally the next day? If Ihad sex the day my period stoped can I get pregnant? Im asking this because latley ive been feeling really tired and just wierd, maybe its all in my head but Im just worried... (this all happend like 3 weeks ago). Ive also been going through lots of stress and crying maybe Im tired because of that..