I started the birth control called Balziva a month ago. I was nausea and fatigue when I first started the pill. My friends and I noticed that I was moody lately. Well I was on the pill only for 11 days before I had intercourse with my boyfriend. Since I was a virgin he only had a chance to stick it because the pain was out of this world. After having intercourse I had began to have breakthrough bleed (spotting) after a couple of days. The spotting went on for awhile like (almost a week). Then I went back to the same symptoms I had when I first started the pill. After 2 weeks of having intercourse I took a pregnant test. The result was negative. However this week my lower back has been hurting, my discharge has been a thicker, and I have not had a my menstrual cycle. I have been stressing out about this for awhile now.