I went to the doctor for a pregnancy scare. My last period had been the middle of september was short and very light (not normal). The ultrasound and blood test i had gotten both said negative.We decided to put me on birth control. Depo provera was my best bet. My boyfriend and i had sex a couple of times before my appointment to get my shot. The week of my appointment was supposed to be when i was on my menstrual period, but i never got it. I also had sex twice the week after i got my shot. I wouldve been 4-5 weeks if i am and ive read that you cant see the embryo that early. Now that time has passed i have symptoms of pregnancy. THe fatigue, breast tenderness, cramping, no period, food cravings, food aversions, weight gain of almost 10 pounds in the last 9 weeks. Either im further along than i think or im just starting out. I'm just confused because ive had these symptoms way before i got the shot. Help me please!!!