I had unprotected sex on October 10 and took a plan b pill an hour later. Three days later I again had unprotected sex and took another plan b pill, disregarding what it would do to me. Both times he did not ejaculate. I normally have my period ranging from the 17-20 every month. I am skeptical as to if both those pills worked or not, cause I did not know if taking them so close together would do something bad. I know I'm putting a lot of hormones in my body but I was scared. I plan on getting on birth control if I get my period. Could taking two of these pills delay my period for a really long time? Or is there a big possibility of me being pregnant?
I'm having minor lower back pain, but I can't tell if that's a sign of I'm about to start my period or I'm pregnant.
I also plan on taking a test within the next couple of days if it does not come soon.
Please serious answers only, and thank you for your time.