Hello, basically tuestday I was down Bedminster and everything in myself was fine. I needed the loo and out of nowhere I had burning wee and wanting to go loo every second.( this has never happened to me before, I drink loads of water and am healthy due to taking metformin) Wednesday I went doctors. but was a late appointment and didn't catch the chemist on time. Wednesday night I fell in loads of pain up my sides, back, belly literally everywhere where I rang 999. they was no help and said all I needed was my antibiotics. I got my antibiotics first thing in the morning, my belly, my right side of back and side is fine. but cant say the same about my left. its still sore. it doesn't hurt when I wee either now. I vomited on tuestday and Wednesday early hours of the morning. Iv noticed im having loads of white creamy discharge and my smells are so strong. I have been on metformin for 4 months as I have pcos, and trying to conceive. I feel so unwell in myself and not sure if its the water infection or if I am pregnant. I have 6 days to go until I come on aswel. any advice would be fantastic.