I'm 19. I've been on the depo provera shot for at least 2 years. I've gotten my shot every 12 weeks on the exact date that I'm supposed to. I'm due for another one in a couple of days. I always spot a few days before I'm due for the injection, but it's only a small amount and lasts about a day or sometimes 2. Oddly, I've been bleeding for 2 weeks now. My boyfriend and I always have unprotected sex, as we are not worried about getting pregnant because of my injections. We had unprotected sex on August 24th, and I started bleeding on the 28th, just out of nowhere and it was somewhat heavy, definitely not just spotting. I've never bled this much while on this shot so I'm kind of worried. My breasts have also grown which is pretty weird for me because I have small breasts and they never really seem to grow, but we have both noticed a change in them. However, they are not very tender. I have a few food allergies so when my stomach hurts I don't see a problem. Lately, I've been feeling nauseous in the mornings (which is another reason why we're worried) but I've never vomited. I've also been wanting foods that I've never really liked. Like beef, salad, okra, etc. I've just been feeling odd about the whole situation. Could someone please tell me if I'm just being a stressed out worry wart for no reason?