I'm 17, healthy, and have always had regular periods. A few days after my last period, my bf and I had sex twice, but I also missed 2 pills in a row! I haven't been feeling right for the past 2 weeks or so. I have been very tired and feeling sore even though i stay home most of the time. My stomach has felt sort of tight. No nausea really, but some foods disgust me the last few days. My period was due Tuesday or Wednesday, but I just got it last night. It was very light, unlike anything I've ever had, and brown? Now today it seems as if its normal, but I'm still concerned, and still feel weird. So, my question is: should I still test, or do I sound safe? Also, has anyone else experienced symptoms before finding out they were pregnant? Please tell me your story and any opinions! (We do not use condoms!) thanks