I came of the Implanon on 26th march, I had them in for 5 years prior to that. My period came back on 15 April, lasted 4 days with quite severe cramps. My next was 19 May, lasting 4 days again but no cramps. So 34 day cycle, then 18 June, but only 2 days and only 32 cycle. Before each one I got tremendously sore BBs around 1 week before so I knew it was coming. I was expecting this month around the 21 July but nothing. I have been VERY bloated the past week, mild headaches, odd occasion of nausea and dizziness but on and off. I've done 2 tests, one on 21st and one on 23rd but both negative. For the past 3 days I have felt very 'wet' down stairs, a few times I've had to run to the loo thinking I'm coming on but nothing, just almost like clear slime? I've never noticed this before. One day there was even enough to soak through my underwear.
Can anyone shed some light or experience? I don't know what to do now.