Hi, I'm a 19 year old female.
I had the implanon inserted almost 2 years ago. The first year was great, I felt normal and didn't have my period at all. Then as this second year as gone on I have been having all sorts of issues and are hopefully getting the implant removed this week. I have started getting irregular periods, I have been feeling really down and depressed of late and have been uncontrollably crying at any given moment. In addition, I worry that I may be pregnant. My partner and I use condoms as well as the implanon as a means of contraception, but on a rare few occasions over the last couple of months we have not used condoms. Maybe 3-4 times. In all of these instances he pulled out and ejaculated on me, rather than in me, or pulled out and then put a condom on. I am worried that some sperm may have gotten inside when he ejaculated on me or perhaps his pre-ejaculation could make me pregnant. I feel sick all the time, I feel tired all the time, I don't really feel like eating, I have indigestion or heart burn, I have been pooing a fair bit but that's usual for me. I can't remember when I had my last period, maybe a month and a half ago. I'm too scared to take a test or anything because I don't want to believe it if I am as I have never really wanted kids.
I hear all these stories about pregnancy testers not being accurate and lots of people still getting pregnant while on the implanon.
I also suffer extreme anxiety, and this is really messing with my head.
Is it the implanon making me feel like this or am I pregnant?