okay so the first day of my last period was march the 28th , & ended on the 2nd of april ... i suposibly ovulated on april the 11th & i had sex on that same day and a few times on the 9th ... both times my boyfriend did infact finish inside of me .

okay well first things first , ive been writing down everything that i feel for the past couple of days

april 18 - cramping for about 20 minutes .. very little cervical mucus ( only fingertip amount) & feeling very fatigued

4/19 - woke up , very little brown spotting , wiped and it looked sorta pinkish

4/20- why am i urinating so much ??? woke up at 8am & peed about 6 times before 1 pm - & also ..i FAINTED in the shower ?? ( i've never before fainted EVER)

4/21 - feeling shaky ..REALLY shaky & dizzy .. mom said i was probably hungry ..but NO i wasnt at all .. ..but i did eat something and it did help !

so what do you guys think?!