first things first .. iam sexually active & iam trying to conceive so iam hoping iam in fact pregnant! =)

ok so the first day of my last period was march 28th .. & ended on april the 2nd ... yesterday ( april,18th) i began feeling cramps as if i were to get my period & i was VERY sleepy mid-afternoon which i found very weird... my boobs are not sore but they ARE bigger and heavier ... today ( april , 19th ) i woke & i noticed there was a little brown spot on my panties then i wiped & it was very little pink discharge ... ( sorry i know this is TMI, but i really want to get your opinions ) ... also today late afternoon i noticed i have an increase in white discharge ... those are all my symptoms .cramping , spotting , heavier breast,fatigued & discharge.. does it sound like early pregnancy ... could the spotting be implantation bleeding??? .. my period isnt due till the 24th , or 25th ( it comes exactly every 28 days like clockwork) so i dont think it could be my period