a day after my period my boyfriend and i messed around we didn't actually have sex but our areas were touching and we were nude. two days later i took plan b in case of any pre ejaculation and 4 days later i started another period, it was heavier than spotting it was like my normal period and lasted 3 days. 15 days after messing aroud i went to the er for what we thought was the flu, but they did a urine test, blood tests, and xrays. i went for a follow up two weeks later at my family doctor and he said i have ulcers but everything looked good, the hcg in my urine was negative.. and my blood was negative too. its been over a month now, a little over a week to be exact. i took a home pregnancy test two days ago to be sure and it came out negative? was a month enough time to give it? could i be pregnant?