I am on the pill and I take them the same time everyday. I have never missed a pill and I am on my fourth pack. A couple months into it I started letting my partner to finish inside me, because I read that condoms area only really used for STD protection and we are in a monogamous relationship. I have always worried about pregnancy and recently I have made him switch to the pull out method because I’ve been freaking out so much. It’s to the points where my drive isn’t as high because I’m worrying. I’ve been bloating, my boobs grew a size, I have mood swings, and I skip the placebo pills and go straight to the active ones to skip my periods because of the pain I get. Therefore I can’t use my period to tell. Is it all in my head or should I really worry? (I took two tests recently and in the morning for more accurate results and they were negative). Am I the only person in this situation? If not any input will help!! Please help me figure this out.