I stared taking depo a whole year ago and since then I have had my period. My last time taking it was September 2016 it is now February 2017. Haven't had my period at all.

Me and my boyfriend was having protective sex. Everything was great ... until the condom popped. You can probably guessed what happened.

After we figured that out I went to the bathroom to see what I can push out and he went to the store and bought me the Plan B pill. I took the pill roughly an hour later.

I'm not ready to become a mom. I leave in August to basic training because I'm basically in the army. I have the best job ever and I don't want that to be ruined because a mistake. My question is will I become pregnant? He's freaking out more than I am. But I really can't afford having a baby. How long will the pill go in my system? What am I suppose to do now???