about 3 weeks ago, me and my bf had sex, we used protection, he didn't c*m but he did afterwards but nothing got on me, but he fingered me and we didnt know if there was sperm on his hands . According to my period tracker app, I had already ovulated a week ago, but I was still scared so I took plan b 48 hours later. I got some bleeding 4 days later, right when my period was supposed to come. I've been feeling nauseous since the day after we had sex, the bleeding was on and off, sometime it was light and sometimes heavy and it lasted for about 5 days my normal periods are 5 days but they never stop. So I dont know if that was my period or implantation bleeding, I've been scared and stressed over this. Now, I'm supposed to get my period on January 22nd, and I have been experiencing some clear, thin, watery discharge and I dont know if that means I'm ovulating or what, I'm really scared. Can I be pregnant? someone please help.