i had sex about two months ago. i used a condom that didnt break and i was on birth control but i did miss one or two pills throughout the pack. ive gotten my period twice since but i know you can still get your period while pregnant even though its rare. ive been freaking out recently because ive been experiencing symptoms such as swollen breasts nausea and just about every other pregnancy symptom after i learn that its a symptom. i feel bloated but i cant tell if that's because birth control, pms (its supposed to start towards the end of this week), or if im tricking myself into thinking im having symptoms. i know anxiety can cause my stomach to be upset. these symptoms have been occurring for a while even a week after i had sex which i know is unlikely to experience so many symptoms that early. am i just freaking myself out or is it a good possibility? please help ive been worried about this for quite some time.