Hi, I'm very stressed and scared,

My period is quite irregular, sometimes it happens every 8th or 7th for a few months and then it's late and then happens every 15th. Due to this I'm not entirely sure when I ovulate each month.

My boyfriend and I had protected sex on September 22,26 and 28 (The time around my fertile days.. I was an idiot and forgot to check if I was ovulating according to my period tracker)

My period was supposed to come yesterday October 16 and it hasn't arrived. Every time I google pregnancy signs I begin to feel them the next day and I don't know if it's my brain playing tricks on me or if I'm truly pregnant.

1. I'm not bloated, in the morning my stomach/bladder goes back to normal.
2. My back hurts
3. I have mild cramps
4. My boobs are not sore BUT are itchy at times.
5. My cervix comes down very low and hard and open, then goes back up and closes and then comes back down and opens.

I'm not sure what any of this means and I'm very scared. We sat together trying to figure out if we made a mistake/ any sperm got on me and we don't think we did. I touched the condom, but that part rolled inside so there's no way that sperm got on me that we remember.

I'm so sorry if this is the wrong site to post on but I'm so scared, I cry every night because I'm so terrified. Please help me, thank you so much for reading this.