I have been on birth control pills for about 6 months and take them the same exact time every single day. Usually during the second week of the pills I get break through bleeding. I had sex last month (June 16), which was 3 days before I start the sugar pills. I got my period that Monday of the sugar pills. I have not had sex since then. I continued the next set of pills right on time and got break through bleeding during the second week of the pill pack, like usual. It's now the week I'm suppose to get my period and I still hasn't come. I have slight tenderness in my boobs like I always do when I'm about to get my period. I usually get my period on the Monday of the surgar pills and it's now Wednesday. Is it possible I can be pregnant even though I already got my period last month when I had sex and break through bleeding? I have never missed a period on birth control