So I started birth control for the first time-the same day that I started my period (Sunday May 29). I missed taking it one day so I doubled the next day and spotted- happened again about a week later. (Including spotting). I also forgot to take birth control one Sunday this month... I'm 16 and this is the first time that I'm working a full time job so I haven't made time to take the pills at around the same time everyday. Then for the first time this month I had unprotected sex and he has no clue if he went a little inside me so about 10 min later i took plan B for the first time. It's Friday July 1 and I'm still taking birth control.. I've been having cramps for over a week. I was supposed to get my period on Sunday. Also- I have horrible anxiety and major acid reflux problems.. Didn't know if those could mess anything up too? I need help- if anyone has any type of answer to my problem pls let me know as soon as possible!!