I've been on Trinessa lo for almost two months with (I believe) perfect use. I am a HUGE worry-wart and I always suspect that maybe my pill fell in my drink etc. but I'm 99% sure I've swallowed all of my pills and I do so at 4PM sharp. Anyways, my boyfriend and I like to rub our genitals together and he doesn't wear condoms when we do this. He has NEVER ejaculated on or in my vaginal opening.. But pre cum is what I'm concerned about because sometimes I give him oral sex before we make genital contact. We also shower together and occasionally brush up against one another and we have TRIED to have sex, he has tried to penetrate me but it hasn't worked out. Haha. Anyways, I'm concerned I could be pregnant because I've started to feel nauseated and I didn't feel sick on Trinessa during the first month. It's more like acid reflux. I'm also not that hungry anymore due to that. I'm also on my last two active pills and I'm getting cramps every now and then and the veins in my boobs have become more apparent .. Could I possibly be pregnant?