There was no penetration but the vagina may have had contact with the sperm, I'm not sure, so I took 1 Plan B pill 24 hours later (9th august). Since then, the next period came 10 days later, on 19th of august until the 26th. Since then, I've had periods again on the 19th of September until the 26th and now on the 16th of October until the 20th. During this time, I've taken 3 pregnancy digital tests (which are more sensitive), all of them came back negative. Two of them were done first thing in the morning and the last one was during the afternoon.
Can I still be pregnant? I have experienced loss of appetite but I think it's because I'm so nervous about this but besides that, I only experience cramps and sensitive breasts during my periods as usual. My periods were from a brown color in the beginning and at the end but in the middle the color was the usual red and I saw cloths as usual as well.