My bf and I had sex while I was on my period (August 3) and something happened where the sperm came out of the condom and was on me. So, I took plan b the next morning. Maybe about 9 hours later. Then about a week later my bf and I had sex again and he said that my cum (don't know the right term) had been inside the condom. I didn't think anything of it. About a week later my bf got sick. (Sore throat, headache, ears were clogged) then a week later my period was due. (September 2) I started feeling all pregnancy symptoms as soon as my period was due. But I never got my period. I took two pregnancy tests(Clearblue), both came out negative. Finally, five days later I got my period. I took two more pregnancy tests and both came out negative.(First Response) Now, I am currently on what I think is my period. I've only had it for a day, but it is heavy. I still feel a little nauseous, backache, slight headache, nose congested, sneezing, ears clogged. No more cramping though. My cramps started when my period was due and they were very slight and came and went. I haven't had any cramps today. I'm going to the clinic tomorrow, I just want to know what you guys think???