I took an antibioitic for strep throat a few weeks ago. I am on birth control pills. I had sex with my partner a day before starting the antibioitics but not again until 7 days after I finished taking the antibioitics like instructed. However, during my course of antibioitics I did shower with him and his privates got close to mine but never ejaculated and we never had sex. Now I am paranoid that I have gotten pregnant from either the day before antibioitics (I heard that sperm can live inside you for up to a week) or from just showering together. I took 2 pregnancy tests about 3 weeks after the start of my antibiotics I have had no symptoms but my stomach has been acting weird (constantly feeling like I have to go #2, but can't and bloating) Could I have gotten pregnant? Also, could these stomach problems be from traveling? I recently drove 12 hours to SC for vacation for a week (didn't have stomach problems there but started when I got back.) A week later, I flew out to CA which is where I'm at now and my stomach problems have not ceased.