I have been using depo for the last five years off and on and for the first two of the five years i had not be sexually active. I did depo to regulate my periods. Well anyways skip ahead to last yr (2014) i had a shot in November, one in February(2015). Was supposed to go back.in may(2015) but never did. Had unprotected sex at the end of april all the way through may and my boyfriend did his business inside me 100% each time. Ive taken two hpt and both have been negative but im hurting across my abdominal section and pelvic area, when i squeeze my nipples they leak, ive been having headaches and heartburn. My stomach has really hurt the last 3-5 days and I've been doubled over in pain and crying. Some times are worst than others. I have one child already and when i conceived him the next morning i was in excruciating pain. While bein on depo i have not bled in between shots but im thinking i may be pregnant. My jeans irritate my stomach and i get several cramping sensations all day. Please help as my doctor can not see me until june 16th. I just want to know what's causing the pain. Have had minimal discharge. Not sure if its had a color or anything. Just someone please help me