Hello! I am somewhat freaking out. I had unprotected sex with a friend who has Crohn's Disease. Within an hour of having unprotected sex I took plan b. I am overweight and I have one child already. He told me it was impossible for him to get pregnant from the medicine he is on but I am still freaking out. We than had sex 4-5x after taking the pill. It happened Wed... took pill that night, than had sex friday sat and sun (2x). I didnt take another pill. I also have PCOS but I have one child. I have not seen any side effects of plan b and its been a little over a week. I have bad headaches and I just feel off. He isn't worried about me getting pregnant but I am. I was due for my period on the 15th of this month but never got it and its normal since i have PCOS but we had sex a week later... HELP!? Could I be pregnant? Can a man with Crohns and is on full medicine... humira etc get someone pregnant!?