Me and my boyfriend had been having sex for maybe thirty minutes and we decided to take a break and then we decided to start again and He was sliding it in and the condom poped, as he put the tip in, he immediately removed it and we looked to make sure there wasn't any ***, he has precum a lot so there was that mixed with lube, so we waited a while and used another condom, and he pulled out when he came in that one just to make me feel comfortable about the situation. I have been on birth control for two years and I take them on time every day, but when we had sex I had gotten off my
Period two days earlier but I took pills on time for the day before and that day... Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I'm extremely worried about it so I don't know if the minor cramps and little clear discharge could just be me stressing about it. It has only been 5 days are those signs of pregnancy?