well, i highly doubt it but every single time i have sex i always worry a tiny bit. i try not to because i am on birth control and worrying isnt good for your health. ive been taking alysena28 and this is my third month. ive gotten my period about the same time each month and its been a relief each time because i have unprotected sex with my boyfriend a bunch. although he doesnt ejaculate inside of me, theres still precum right? i take my pill every day around the same time, give or take a half hour to an hour an a half late. never missed a pill, or taken one any later. but anyways, i took my pill about a half an hour late and then had sex with my boyfriend. i also worried a bit because i had diarrhea and i heard somewhere youre supposed to use the 7 day backup method when you've had diarrhea... is that true?? hopefully not then im sure there would be so many more unplanned pregnancies out there. so now ive been kinda more tired than usual and very moody. idk im probably just over thinking. could i have some advice please? thank you :)