I've been on the same pill for almost a year now and me and my boyfriend are have sex regularly but even though I'm on the pill we still use a condom and if we don't then he pulls out way be for he comes and finishes with his hand. I take the pill every night at 10:20 and have never missed any pills. My period normally last about 6 days but this month it only lasted about 3 and was very very light. I'm on microgestgin 1/20 I think and I take a pill every night starting on Sunday and going for three weeks with the last pill being a Saturday night and then I don't take any pill till the next Sunday because I get my period that week. I've been feeling sick lately but it might just be my mind playing tricks on me.. Someone please give me as much as they know, I'm a senior in high school still but I'm not out sleeping around, me and my boyfriend have been in love since 8th grade and finally have been together for almost a year and a half and we plan to get married. Thank you to anyone who can give any information or their opinion!