So a few days ago I had sex with my boyfriend and it was my first time. It didn't really seem like sex though since we didn't even do it for even 10 minutes. My boyfriend was bare at first but only placed his tip against the nub of my vagina, he never put the tip against my vaginal opening until when he put a condom on and only put the tip inside me and we went on like that for a few minutes. He never showed signs of pre-cum and never ejeculated/came since we stopped really quick afterward we began. He literally went in all the way once but that's when he pulled out and we were done. He never had any pre cum and never came since we stopped not even halfway through our attempt on somewhat sex and he was wearing a condom and went tip in only mostly, my period was two weeks ago and I'm worried I may be pregnant cuz I know its possible to get pregnant on even a girls first. My mom never put me on the birth control pill either. My boyfriend already has experience so he can go on for a while before cumming but I'm still worried I may be pregnant even though my boyfriend never produced pre cum or even came and wore a condom and only went tip in mostly.