Hello I'm a 23 year old female I have a daughter of 4 years after I had my child I went on the 3 month injection I was on it for 2 years then I stoped and it took me long to get my period back then I got it the begining of last year and it was heavy and regular then this year I decided 2 go back on it so I went to the clinic and they never tested if I was preg they just gave me the injection the 20th of june this year I was suppost to go back and I never. I also got my period on the 20th june (my due date) it was browny red in colour and med flow and ended the 28th of june. july come I never got my period now its august and no period I don't feel sick but I do sleep a lot and moody and wee a lot I also feel movments by my lower abdomine everyday how many times aday me and my husband has had unprotected sex every time and he comes in me could I be prego help