Okay so i was out of town for a week and i had my patch on but i didnt take another one with me because i didnt need to change it until after i got back home. It fell off two days early and i didnt have another one. As soon as i got home (two days later) i put one on again. This was the third week (last week) and now i am on my off week BUT yet again my patch fell off a day early that 3rd week. So that means it fell off early week 2 and 3. I didnt put another one on because i figured the next day was the start off my week off, and like an idiot i had unprotected sex. I didnt put on another patch because its my week off and i didnt wanna mess myself all up. Is there a possiblilty that i could be pregnant? please help i have searched but the situations are not the same as mine so i just want to be make sure