Hi, I'm 19.. The first time i used the implanon bar i never bleed until a couple weeks before it had to get taken out on the third year. Now I've got the nexplanon bar ( have had it in about 4 months approx ) I haven't bleed on this aswell UNTIL I had unprotected sex about 4 weeks ago, and i got my period just a couple days ago. it was a very light flow (pinkish - watery red colour) it lasted for about 2.5 days. Is that just the hormones setting in or could i be pregnant? I've had cramps ever since i had sex, my breast/s have been tender lately and I'm having weird cravings (dipping fries into melted chocolate) & for foods that i don't usually eat. My stomach feels bloated and idk if this happens but my belly button is closing in kinda thing like it feels different?. I've also been having weird baby dreams lately too ever since i had sex. Is that normal aswell? lol.