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Pregnancy - If I take Xanax or clonazepam on the weekends is it going to harm my unborn at 31 weeks?

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kaismama 28 Apr 2014

You should not take anything without asking your obstetrician. Benzos like xanax aren't good for unborn babies.

DzooBaby 28 Apr 2014

Benzos cross the placenta so your baby's developing brain is being given the drug the same as you are! Would you give Xanax or clonazepam to a small baby? If no, then you shouldnt be using it unless your obstetrician recommends it! Obstetricians will weigh benefit to mother against risk to the baby and decide if it is worth the risk (and there is definite risk to the unborn baby). If the drug is not needed for a medical condition (and taking it "just on weekends" doesnt sound like it is needed for a medical condition) it should NEVER be taken. It can harm your baby's developing brain and nervous system! These drugs metabolites remain in your system a long time. If they test you for drugs, these drugs can be detected in urine for weeks after use!

endlessPred 30 Apr 2014

Yes, it will harm the baby. These are medications not lollipops. Your baby will be born addicted and may have many problems. Do you love the baby or yourself more? Have you ever seen an addicted baby? Frightening to see their incredible screams of pain as they withdraw. Go see your doctor and let him know. At least he will be prepared to deliver a baby with many possible problems. Are you ready to raise that child? free discount card

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