What could be wrong?? I've had the implant for my full three years and It expired on February 5th of this year..and I've never had any problems..my periods have been normal and never had a pregnancy scare..but I got my period nov. 16th and on the fourth day me and my husband had unprotected sex and ( sorry about this info) he did cum inside me.well it's been almost two weeks and on the 27th of nov. I noticed that I was spotting but only when I wiped and it was a light pink color and that happened off and on for two days..I've also had horrible headaches, nausea, sensitive to certain smells, constantly running to the bathroom, sometimes feeling light headed, and having mild cramps that isn't very noticeable..I've been experiencing the same symptoms of pregnancy like I did with my four year old..I've also noticed that my son has been very clingy and cranky here lately..and my husbands been feeling nausea and sleeping a lot..I was wanting y'all's opinion..what could be wrong?? Could I be pregnant or am I just having side effects??