My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago and i came inside of her. 3 days after the sex she had her period as usual. She told me that she had the most unusual of stomach pains while on her period. So bad that she passed out and hit the floor. Her period lasted 5 days and she is convinced it was a regular period other than the stomach pains. now that it is two weeks later symptoms of pregnancy such as intense stomach pains and back pains. they get so bad that she often pukes. She also is eating alot more than usual. My worst fears are becoming reality. It seems as if she is pregnant but i am not sure because she is on the Depo- Provera shot. I am scared to death. I am not in town to be able to take her to the clinic so I am not able to become certain if she is pregnant or not. My question is what are the chances given the described details above.