Me and my husband have sex frequently so its hard to judge when it happened. But I started having some symptoms almost 2 and half weeks ago. I took a pregn test 3 days ago whixh would havemade my ayptoms only have been happening two weeks. I started out with lower back pains than I started having headaches/migranes. Than a few days later my stomaxh startes acheing a lot. Now its to the point where my stomach aches rvery time I eat for a small period of time. The headaches have eased off. Now I am just getting nasueous after eating as well as stomach aches and cramps. Lower back pains and my nipples and breast have been pretty sore. Iv also noticed the nipple and circle around them have gotten bigger. I have noticed my stomaxh area has gained some weigh. Oh and I am also peeing ALOT! Like every thirty minutes or so. Sometimes less. My period is not due till next week. Butt I have been cramping nd more painful than normal period cramps. Please help me... AM I MOST LIKELY PREGNATE?