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Pregnancy - Am I able to still get pregnant if I dont have a period?

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Rajive Goel 6 Mar 2012

Could be possible, but it would be better if you did seek medical advice & help.

Take care, best wishes!

Inactive 6 Mar 2012

I see you don't list your age or whether you are on a birth control. Some types of birthcontrol stop you from menustrating at all. I would think in that case as long as you are faithfully taking the med as prescribed, that the answer would be no, but if you haven't started your periods, & are very young, I would advice you to stop & think before engaging in sex at all. Abstinace is the best birth control. If the second is true, you may want to consult your doctor, or have your parent do this for you if you ae under 17. Just my thoughts... Mary

Taller 6 Mar 2012

It is possible for someone to get pregnant even though they don't have a period. Many young teenage girls have gotten pregnant before they have had their first period. Also some adult women who have infrequent periods are able to get pregnant too. However, there are so many variables that you really should talk to your doctor. Sincerely-Taller

DzooBaby 6 Mar 2012

Your period doesnt have as much to do with pregnancy as much as if you ovulate. If you ovulate, you can get pregnant. Menstruation (or what women call the "period") is the cycle in which uterus is getting ready for a fertilized egg by building a nice, bloody, plushy lining for the fertilized egg to implant itself and begin to divide into cells that become baby and placenta. If an egg is not fertilized there is no need for the bloody, plushy lining and it is shed (we refer to this as menstruation or a womans "period") If a woman ovulates (or releases an egg) and that egg is fertilized by sperm, a woman can become pregnant. The uterus is not as hospitable if that lining isnt built but it is still possible that the fertilized egg can implant and become a baby and placenta. So, you see, it isnt so much a question of if a woman has a period but it is a question of if a woman is ovulating. free discount card

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