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Pregnancy - want to be pregnant, age 41, what food can I eat?

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kaismama 13 Dec 2013

Food isn't going to help you get pregnant. You need a balanced diet so you are healthy, and that's it.

DzooBaby 13 Dec 2013

I hope you have discussed the "pro's and con's" of getting pregnant at your age with an obstetrician. You are at much higher risk for complications plus if you do conceive, the baby is at much higher risk for things like Down's Syndrome. People in Hollywood may have babies at late ages but they also have a great deal of money for personal physicians to be at their beck and call and they are very closely monitored. I am not saying you cannot have a baby at 41, it can happen, but you will be considered a high risk pregnancy. As Kaismama says, you just need to be as healthy as possible. Ask your Dr about any supplements, like folic acid that may be needed. As far as diet, just a well balanced healthy diet of at least 1200 calories is good.

lucyb78 13 Dec 2013

Basically stay away from processed foods. Eat meat, veggies, fruits,etc. and take a prenatal vitamin too. Good luck to you. I have one family friend who had her first kid at 42!

kaismama 13 Dec 2013

I'd have sooner put a gun to my head then have a baby at that age. I was a grandma at 43 lol free discount card

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