For the past 5 years, I have always been on birth control, taking it diligently. This past Saturday (1/30) was my final pill as I forgot to get a refill on time. So I picked one up this week, however, I cannot start my new pack until this Sunday (2/7).
Tonight (2/5), I had sex around 9:30PM. We did not use a condom, however, a few minutes in, I stopped him from feeling guilty of having unprotected sex and he did not ejaculate in me as pregnancy is not an option right now.
I do understand that there is the possibility of becoming pregnant from pre-ejaculation, which I read does not contain sperm (?), but I am not entirely sure if that piece of information is accurate.

This is why I am asking whether or not I should take a Plan B pill first thing in the morning. It will still be within the 12 hour time frame, which is when there is the highest possibility of preventing pregnancy.
Or should I not take the pill and not mess with my hormones? Would I be okay without taking it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!