... period, july 6, pinkish brownish light blood, aug, sept, oct, nov same light pinkish brown blood. i am 36 i know this is not my period. gone to the doctor, ultrasound and urine tests done, not pregnant. ok, why do i have the linea nigra? waist pain, restless legs? heavy and swollen breast, dark and enlarged,sore nipples, itchy palms and feet? i feel movements in my lower belly. my belly is potruding, my belly button is stretching, can someone tell me i am not crazy! whats wrong with me, if i am preg, i should be almost 6mths. am i the ony one with this problem?? someone pls, people are asking me how many months now and i am just quiet, co if i say i am not preg, they will think i am lying. gained about 10kg since may, heartburn, indigestion, what could possibly be wrong with me? eyes are itchy, its like i got soemthing in my eyes and later it starts to water. watery eyes started abt 4 days ago. last nite i felt dizzy and later a nasty headache then nausea and vomiting, just came from the hospital, still no plausible esplaination yet. anyone going through something like this??