So I forgot about my birth control pills for 2 days starting on September 5th when I got my period 2 weeks early due to that. So September 7th I didn't want my period because I thought my boyfriend was visiting & I began a brand new pack of birth control that day.. I took extra pills to ensure that the bleeding would stop..maybe 6 or 7 extra. Had sex on the Saturday night (Sept 12) 3 times only using a condom once. Pulled out all three times. The next weekend
(still taking pills regularily) I had sex all weekend no condoms and he ejaculated inside me every time. Every morning when I was supposed to take my pill I took 2 (just to be safe) and as of today (Sept 27) I have had very light spotting but it is noticeable, plus mild cramps..almost as if my period is starting. Which I have 3 pills of this package left. Curious as to if this could be implantation bleeding since I was on the pill but was taking extra OR because I forced my period to stop and my body is just going to fast for my likng. Need answers ASAP I'm sorta freaking out. Not interusted in putting myself through any troubles.