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Pregnancy - I'm pregnant in the 2nd week & don't want to complete what can I do ?

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puckiemull 18 Jun 2011

Hi Hunny,
You dont want to continue your pregnancy is it? Have you been to your doc yet? You are at the very early stages so you have alot of options.
Can you confide in someone close to you about this who may be able to accompany you to your local health centre to speak about your options?
Sorry for all the qs,i know you are the one with the q but if you can giv more info i might be able to help more.Hit the comment button below if you want to talk more.I can friend you and we cn talk privately if you would prefere.You just have to friend me back.

lulu87 18 Jun 2011

thanx alot .. I need to chat with u now if u can

puckiemull 18 Jun 2011

Of course,
I just pm you now..

puckiemull 18 Jun 2011

Did you get my private post?

lulu87 18 Jun 2011

no , where can I find it?

puckiemull 18 Jun 2011

Go into qs and answers on your profile then click on private messages you should find it there

jzbub 21 Jun 2011

Have you thought about a private adoption? My husband and I have been trying for a few years, after I suffered a tragic accident and crushed my pelvis. I had to have two surgeries and the second caused a traumatic brain injury and fluctuating hormones. It is not very likely I will ever be able to get pregnant now, so we have started to consider adoption, but cannot afford to do it through an agency. Our health insurance does cover paying all medical bills for a surrogate. I'm sure there are many other folks in this type of predicament who would love to be able to have a healthy baby but can't. I do believe a woman has the right to choice in this matter, but with so many that can't have children, you have the opportunity to give someone a wonderful gift. free discount card

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