... made me go to a methodone clinic i am currently dosing at 30 mgs every morning they have giving me three drug tests this month and observed me pee for some reason there is no trace of methodone in my sytsem why is that?? i have to take a drug test all the time differnt ppeople observe me pee and i cant dose until i take a drug test there is nothing in my system not even methodone how is that possible they watch me take it every morning lol i am mind boggled is it possible because i have a very high metabolism i am having problems gaining weight i could eat a gallon of ice cream and not gain a pound but my counselor doesnt believe that is why on top of that i am pregnant which makes my metabolisms higher right? i just dont understand and i would like to be able to know y i am tired of taking drug tests every morning..because nothing is changing i have taken four three observed everyday they watch me pee they watch me take my dose every morning lol so why is it not showing up on my drug tests?