Hello, i am new to this site. Last month in Febuary (1st & 2nd) my fiance and i had sex. He did enjaculate in me. At the time we were having problems and decided to take the plan b. A week later i had another period, which is normal from what i understand. Around the end of February i had another period but it didnt last the entire 5 days. And i must say i have always been regular 28 day cycle. Ever since then my fiance and i have been fine and ttc. Now its March 18th and i have had cramps that seem like my period is gonna come but still nothing. I have been tired here lately as my breast have been a little sore. We've taken 3 HPT and keep getting a BFN :( but im just not understanding why im having all the cramping and still having a light discharge but no period? Please help!