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Pregnancy - will my baby be ok if I used adderal for a week during my first trimester?

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GreenMommy 25 Feb 2012

Yes. She will be fine. I took adderral for a while during my 3rdback and last pregnancy. My doctor was well aware and she is fine. As long as you do no other drugs, enjoy your pregnancy, it is an amazing, wonderful thing.

Pixley 26 Feb 2012

I would definitely not take the chance. Just because someone says they did it and their child SUPPOSEDLY came out fine, does not justify taking the chance of damaging your own child by doing so. Adderall is categorized as a pregnancy Category C drug, meaning that although it hasn't been studied in humans, it has been shown to cause harm to the fetus in animal studies, including birth defects, miscarriages & problems with brain chemicals in the fetus resulting in long term learning and memory probs. This is a question where you have to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks to possibly causing your child permanent damage. Only you can decide, but IMO should only do so after doing your own reseach on the subject. free discount card

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