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Pregnancy - after 3 miscarriages I seem not able to get pregnant what can help?

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Marvell 19 Oct 2011

I suggest you see a doctor ob/gyno, if you haven't done so already and get a full check up done.

lashaye20 21 Oct 2011

I have,tried to c a gy but the say none excepts my medicaid

Marvell 21 Oct 2011

That is really unfortunate ... I do feel for you.

litlmommag 21 Oct 2011

add me as a friend and private message me we can talk all you want y/f

litlmommag 19 Oct 2011

Lashaye I cant answer your question i just wanna let you know how sorry i am for you loss i know people who have had miscarriages and still had a live birth please as your gyno for some testing t find out what can be done and can help. I hope you have talked adout yur loss and have gotten counciling. Take care Y/f

lashaye20 21 Oct 2011

I have,try to comtact a gy but every place I call dont except my medicaid I thinl bout this non stop my last miscarriage was wit twins I went thru my 2nd trimester then lost my twins I dont go to counslin I think that alot of my depressin problem

litlmommag 21 Oct 2011

lashaye call your medicaid card tell them u need a obgyn and have them recommend one that they cover. they will usually suggest someone in your area they have to cover obgyn because it is women health and very important for you to get yearly visits if you have to pay cash look up a planned parent hood in your phone book hey charge by your income if you have low income they only charge like 10$ a visit and give you bc if needed condoms and all with the same way by income anyone can go to those even with no income and any age give it a try even hosp have obgyns in the hospitals with private gynos this is very important to your health fight hard til you fing help you need pap test breast exams at least yearly if not more. take care hun good luck!!

litlmommag 21 Oct 2011

oh one more thing what dr took care of you during miscarriages make sure you get those records even ask them to suggest someone and please try to get conceling for depression and stress cause youve been through a lot wee can help you on here as well but you need a dr to make sure your physical and mental health is ok! not trying to be rude at all i am soooo very sorry for all the pain you have been through welcome to this sight your right the people or here are very helpful and loving i would like to help you through hard times y?f jaime litlmommag

lashaye20 21 Oct 2011

Yea very hard times and only at the age of 21 all this has happened I stay to my self dont have any self esteem or friends to talk to im jus by my self wit out a Carin family to basicly do wit iut alot but thanks for bein here need someone to talk to

litlmommag 21 Oct 2011

lashaye im sorry thats not true you have all of us on here the best thing about the dc family( is we all choose to be here for each other no judgements no looking down on you about where you are in life we are her to help and lend an ear when needed everyone on here are different ages race have different illness different addictions different family problems different home lifes but thats what makes everyone on here so special. someone on here has been where you are in life and are willing to share their experiences and thoughts to try to help one another and show caring an loving support. so welcome to the family friend i hope you enjoy the company remember when you make friends here you will never be alone you will be in my thoughts and prayers always and maybe you can help someone as well or just lend a warm ear when needed please take care hun my ear is always here for you! y/f free discount card

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