I've been on the combination pill Kelnor since I was 19 with a 10 month break last year. Got back to using them in November 2012. TBH I do miss a pill once in a while but take them the next day.

However, I started a new pack on Monday afternoon, forgot to take the pill on Wednesday but took it on Thursday morning (14 hours later) along with Thursday's dose that afternoon. I had unprotected intercourse multiple times on Saturday morning. This was day 14 of my cycle I believe. However, I realized that I had missed a pill earlier and so also took Plan B One Step at about 4pm the same day. My partner did not ejaculate in me and pull out most times (or so I'd like to believe) but lets assume some semen got in.

It was stupid to not use a condom I know and a life lesson has been learned. Honestly, what are my chances of getting pregnant? And what would be the signs that either the Plan B or Birth Control pills worked effctively (or not)?