Does anyone have any remedies that really work? (besides elevating feet and avoiding salt and staying hydrated..) I have been really ill with upper respritory type illness for over week and a half now, so me lying down and elevating (or even sitting and elevating) feet just isn't a very long option for me, as I start hacking up a lung, even if I'm sitting "ram-rod" straight! So as a result of being ths ill, I don't get but 1-3 hours of sleep (at most) per night..and my legs/feet never get a chance to "go down" in swelling..(and even if they do, it comes right back with all this summer heat!)
Its at the worst that it's ever been, with the feeling that the tops of feet&toes are going to split open like sausages that have cooked too long in the microwave! (ugh!)
I'm due to be induced on Monday, so there is an end in sight! This is my 3rd pregnancy, but the first time that I've ever had anyting like this! I am miserable, and am afraid of getting a blood clot... any advice from those of you that have been here&delt with this would be great!