I currently take 2 mg of Xanax XR twice a day +20 mg of Trintillex. The Trintillex has helped my depression immensely but I still have very bad anxiety. I want to quit Xanax as I have been on it for about 11 years and is not helping anymore I only take it to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. My doctor prescribed me Lyrica 75mg x2 a day. The prescription is ready for pick up but I have yet to get it from the pharmacy. I am worried that my tolerance will increase but I want to be off the Xanax very badly because I've noticed recently some short term memory loss. I was on Abilify for about a year and gained about 60 pounds. I am always scared to try a new med because of side effects especially weight gain. If it will help me get off Xanax I will take it but I am very nervous. I know weight gain is a small price to pay for little to no anxiety. I've heard different stories some people gain some people don't. I am more worried about my tolerance getting too high and having to take an extremely high dose which I don't want to do. I can't imagine the withdrawals being as bad as coming off of Xanax as I ran out of my prescription once and went three days without it and it was absolute hell on earth. I guess I don't really have a question I'm just looking for some more advice even though I've seen quite a bit of good feedback but yet some not so good feedback at the same time. I will probably give this drug a try because I don't have much to lose and plan on tapering off the Xanax very slowly. Does anyone else have any experience switching from a benzo to Lyrica without horrible side effects? Like I said I plan on doing a very slow taper. Anyone with my same concerns or experience who has anything to offer me as far as advice it would be greatly appreciated :)