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Pregabalin - How much is the dose u start on pregablin ??

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DawnChapman 27 Dec 2015

Depending on your condition, 75mg to start, then gradually dosage will be increased if needed. Be aware however, Lyrica is a well known for significant weight gain starting as quickly as 2 months into administration. Hope you can afford that, but i could not. Gabapentin its cousin, is just as helpful in controlling pain, with minimal if any weight gain. Personally, Lyrica wasn't a significant enough help for me with pain AND the weight gain, so now I take gaba/neurontin which has been well tolerated both with pain and lack of weight gain issues.

chuck1957 29 Dec 2015

I really agree with the first answer not only for the medical reasons but the money. But if your bottle does not say what you are supposed to start with call your doctor this is strong and not to be just guessed with the dose varies depending on use and person.

chuck1957 29 Dec 2015

So before you even start you should talk with your doctor about different options then the dose you are to start with have a good day. free discount card

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